108 Weight Loss Tips That Really Work

Are you looking to lose weight? Are you tired of the Diet of the Week disappointments and misdirections? Are you look for something that really works? Are you ready for real weight loss tips based on real people’s experiences?


You’ll love these 108 weight loss tips that worked for other people seeking to live healthier, more vital, and skinnier lives.

General Weight Loss Tips

5 Word Diet Plan – and the only one that works: Eat Less and Move More!

It’s true what they say: All you need to do is watch what you eat and expend more energy than you consume. It’s really that simple. You can quit reading this list now. You now know everything you need to know and didn’t need to fork over $500 for the privilege of me telling you the secret of losing weight. — Chris Pirillo

Start small. Changing a bad lifestyle overnight is very hard on your body and your mind. You’ll get sick of eating grapefruit or oatmeal three times a day. So start small and make changes slowly.

Have fun! Your life should be fun and enjoyable and, thus, healthy! When people don’t enjoy their life, they eat badly. Just a simple truth.

Find what works for you. And keep doing that. It might be a diet. It might be avoiding certain foods (or situations). It might be a specific exercise. It might involve a change in routine. If you discovers what works for you, keep doing that. Don’t switch.

It turns out that the most effective slim-down strategy is the one you can stick with. A University of Toronto study has shown that the plan that’s most likely to keep pounds off is the strategy that’s easy and enjoyable for you. That simple.

Keep your goals in sight to motivate yourself. Use photos, videos, pins, and podcasts to keep motivating yourself.

Check out these Weight Loss Motivation pins:

Rita Ora on Working Out

To be successful you need to change your life. You need to take control of the bad habits you have turned into an unhealthy life. You need to be excited about it too. And you have to believe that you can do it. Dreams turn into reality very quickly when you work hard.

Focus on health and not on weight loss. It is far more important that you live a happy, healthy life than look good naked. You’ll thank yourself when you are 80 and still lead an active life.

I didn’t start working out to get skinnier, I did it to feel better. It’s about being fit, healthy, and strong. — Rita Ora, singer, actress, and designer

One pound a week is enough. You don’t have to lose all your goal weight in one or two weeks. One pound a week is a good goal. It’s doable. Not too much, but enough to keep you motivated.

Diets don't work

Don’t diet. It won’t last. Instead get up and do more exercise. Change your lifestyle, not your diet.

In my experience, most diets don’t work for most people. But every diet works for some people. If you discover what works for you, stick with that.

Don’t try to lose weight. The number one indicator of excessive weight gain in the future is attempting to lose weight in the past. Instead, just make an attempt to eat and act in healthy ways.

Count calories in and calories out. Weight loss is about the balance between calories taken in and calories burned. Take the weight you want to be and the activity level that you maintain and calculate the number of calories that you should eat to maintain that weight. Now you have to eat fewer calories than this number, on average, over time to lose weight and achieve your target.

How to count calories: http://infographicaday.com/infographic-the-complete-guide-to-calories

Write down everything. Keep a food diary with full daily calorie calculations. Note everything you eat, including the amount. Know what you are eating every day. And, again, write it down.

Change your schedule, when possible. If you exercise in the afternoon but overeat while watching TV at night, try exercising at night. Go to work earlier. Come home later. Schedule your walks during times you know you’re vulnerable to snacking.

Switch things up to help break bad habits.

Weigh yourself every day. Those who weigh themselves every day tend to lose more weight than those who don’t. But don’t obsess on the daily ups and downs of your weight. The best time to weigh yourself? Just after waking up (after using the bathroom). Weigh at the same time every day.
Amy Schumer on Beauty

Daily weigh-ins keep people on track. They help people lose 200% more weight that when they weigh less frequently (more than one study has proven this).

Honor your self. Derive your self worth from something other than a number on a scale. Give yourself a body that will function well to serve your life’s goals.

I say if I’m beautiful. I say if I’m strong. You will not determine my story—I will. — Amy Schumer, actress and comedienne

Do it for your kids. Find a way of motivating yourself by working out and eating well for someone important for you. Lose weight for your loved ones. When you don’t feel like working out, remember that you’re doing it for them.

Take action. No matter how much you want a change in your life, nothing will happen until you do something. You can talk about starting an exercise regimen or eating healthier foods, but nothing will change until you actually take action. Start now.

Get enough sleep. That’s a very important step. Without sleep, it’s harder to plan your meals, to exercise, or to consciously eat healthy.

Deal with underlying issues. Don’t self-medicate your anxiety or depression with food because you will always choose bad foods when you don’t feel well.

Feeling bad about being fat and trying to lose weight, or putting yourself in exercise situations you don’t feel comfortable in are not going to really help until the underlying issues of using food to treat boredom or anxiety or depression.

Tell your friends and family. Tell people around you what you’re doing. This will keep you motivated to continue. Don’t ask for their support, but say “I’m on this new thing where I’m going to kick my butt at the gym/road/bike today.” Share your efforts!

Never give up, even after you have failed a few times. When you fail, start over. Seven times down, eight times up!

Focus on one thing at a time. Every action is based on habits. If you’ve got to get into the habit of eating great and exercising daily, you could get overwhelmed when you’re not seeing results or when you slip a little.

Go to bed early and get up early. If you stay up late, you will overeat, guaranteed. It doesn’t matter if you are a night person; change into a morning person. When you go to bed early, you don’t think about food all night.

Do everything with moderation. Eat with moderation. Exercise with moderation. Sleep with moderation.

Sarah Hyland: Treat Your Body Well

Treat your body well. Do that, and it will treat you well. … I believe in everything in moderation. — Sarah Hyland, actress

Take a before photo. Naked if possible. It’s a great way to chronicle your success. Especially when the after photo reveals the person you really want to be.

Join a support group. Online or offline. It’s great to have a place where you can share your stories, your laughter, your fears, your successes, your failures, and your journey.

Visualize success. A recent review of 26 different studies, John Malouff discovered that visualization exercises work: “Picturing ourselves happy focuses our thinking on positive outcomes and leads us to plan how to achieve them.” So see yourself as happy, thin, and healthy in the near future.

The most liberating thing about beauty is realizing that you are the beholder. — Salma Hayek, actress

Salma Hayak: On BeautyMake friends with thinner people. Overweight people who spend time with average-weight friends have an easier time losing weight (Obesity journal). The good habits of lean people may rub off on their overweight friends.

Reward yourself. New clothes make awesome rewards for any weight loss. Going out with friends (but not for food) is also a great reward. So reward yourself when you lose three pounds, or five pounds, or ten pounds. Set your goal and your reward ahead of time.

Weight Loss Eating Tips

Eat meals with family and friends. Enjoy good conversations. But don’t talk politics. No hate. No arguments.

Be mindful of what you are eating. Keep a food journal or diary. Seeing it in writing helps reveal patterns or triggers in your eating.

The average person makes about 200 food-related decisions a day. — Brian Wansink, director, Cornell Food and Brand Lab

Eat without distractions. No TV. No computers. No tablets. No music. No cellphones. No radio. Again, enjoy quiet conversations. Alert: Screen time increases high-calorie snacking.

Make one change at a time. Don’t try to cut out every bad thing at one time. Start, for example with white bread. Then cut out MSG. Then sodas. You choose what to cut first. When you are comfortable with your first change, then and only then cut out something else.

Eat breakfast every day. Eating breakfast 30 to 60 minutes after waking up will rev up your metabolism and also ensure that you feel full longer (so you won’t overindulge later in the day).

Count calories before eating. Don’t count calories after you eat them. That’s too late to make a change.

No uncontrolled snacking. Only eat between the three main meals when you consciously choose to do so. Small snacks can hold you between meals so you don’t pig out at meals.

Choose healthy snacks when you do snack. Eat small squares of cheese. Eat a handful of nuts. Eat pumpkin seeds.

People following a low-calorie diet and ate nuts lost 50% more off their waistlines than dieters who did not eat nuts (Prevention Magazine).

Elizabeth Hurley: Go to Bed Hungry

Don’t eat at night. Especially before bed. When you eat right before bed, the food doesn’t get digested well. All those calories just sit there unused while you sleep.

I’m on a good old-fashioned low-calorie diet. I’m going to bed hungry. — Elizabeth Hurley, actress

Brush your teeth early at night rather than just before bed. It will help you stop snacking at night when you’re really not hungry.

Bonus tip: After eating a small snack, rinse with a minty mouthwash. That will keep you from going back for a larger snack.

Don’t deceive yourself. Fried chicken isn’t healthy. No matter how many vegetables you put on a deep dish pizza, it’s still loaded with calories. Spinach or kale in smoothies loaded with sugar don’t make a smoothie healthy.

See food as fuel. For a month, look at your food only as fuel, not as something to be enjoyed. Try that for one month and see how it makes a difference in what you eat.

Eat a varied diet. Eat veggies. Eat fruit. Eat whole grains. Eat fish. Don’t get stuck eating just bread or mac & cheese.

Don’t skip meals. Skipping meals robs your body of nutrients and can mess up your metabolism. And only make you hungrier for the next meal.

Avoid fast food restaurants. Nothing you eat at any fast food restaurant is really good for you. Sorry, it’s just a fact. Too many calories. Too much sugar. Too many distractions.

Don’t eat take out. Most take out is loaded with calories. Make your meals in your home where you know every ingredient that goes into every meal. You can’t count calories in restaurants or via take out.

Mark Bittman on Eating Well

And don’t ever trust the calorie count they print (if they provide any calorie count at all), because most such calorie counts don’t add everything that goes into your take-out meal.

Eat consciously. Chew your food slowly. Enjoy the taste of whatever you are eating. Make it a game if you need to, but chew at least twice as slowly as you normally do.

Cut yourself some slack. No single meal matters. No single day matters. What matters is the pattern of your eating. — Mark Bittman

Have a cheat day. If you must indulge, do it only on your one cheat day a week. One day a week. And your cheating should be in small portions. No large pizza by yourself. No box of chocolates while watching TV. No bag of popcorn or chips by yourself. If you must indulge, do it with a friend where you both enjoy small servings of your favorite food.

Now I indulge once a week. But I don’t go crazy. — Rita Ora, singer and actress

People who try to avoid so-called forbidden foods are more likely to crave those foods and overeat them if given a chance (University of Toronto research).

I do have a good metabolism, but I know with age that I have to watch what I eat. I usually stick to a healthy diet Monday through Friday, and on the weekend I indulge in things like a glass of wine or my favorite food—cake. — Sofia Vergara, actress

Use smaller plates when you eat. With smaller plates, you’ll choose less and eat less without even knowing that you are doing that. Portions look bigger on smaller plates so you feel satisfied, even when you are eating less food.

Eat out once a week. Eat all your meals at home where you know the ingredients and how they were cooked. Eat breakfast at home. Pack your lunches. Eat dinner at home, but feel free to enjoy one meal out each week.

Eat smaller meals. Start by cutting down a little on every meal you eat. You’ll be amazed how many calories you will cut out of your day with just a little smaller meal each time you eat.

5 Reasons to Eat Small Meals – http://infographicaday.com/5-reasons-to-eat-small-meals

Pause while eating. Resign from the clean your plate club now. Stop eating when you are full. Eat more slowly. Give your body a chance to tell you it’s full. Here’s a trick you can use (as suggested by the USDA’s ChooseMyPlate.gov website):

Stop eating when you are satisfied, not when your plate is empty. Start your meal by only eating half of what’s on your plate. Stop for a moment and decide if you really want to eat more.

You can always save your leftovers for a snack or another meal. So nothing has to go to waste. And, as a bonus, you’ll find that your food will taste better when you are hungry again.

Errick McAdams on Food Choices

Keep good food in your refrigerator. If you have only good food in your home, you will eat good food. Keep good food not just in your refrigerator, but also in your pantry, in your cupboards, and in your freezer.

If you keep good food in your fridge, you will eat good food. — Errick McAdams

The first bite is always the tastiest. If you like certain foods, feel free to indulge for a bite or two. Again, always eat in moderation. You never have to finish any food you’ve started to eat. It’s better to quit indulging sooner than later.

Weight Loss Food Choices

Eat foods you love, even pizza, but always in moderation. Eat less than you use to. Even a little less has an impact.

don't drink sodasAvoid processed food, or at least food where you can’t pronounce the ingredients. Keep it as natural as possible.

Eat organic. Organic foods are just better for you. Plus organic fruits and vegetables stay fresh longer.

Skip the sodas, both sugared and diet sodas. They are both bad for your body if you truly want to lose weight. If you replace just one sugary drink each day with water, you can reduce your chances of getting or staying fat (Virginia Tech study). You could lose as much as five pounds in one week just by dropping sodas from your routine.

The average American woman drinks 69,225 calories via sodas every year.

Drink water. Lemon water. Lime water. Minted water. Cucumber water. Rose water. Chive water. Drink at least 8 glasses of water every day. Note: You actually retain water weight when you don’t drink enough water.

Check out this recipe that combines water, lemon, mint, and cucumber: Detox Water Recipe: Get a Flat Belly Fast.

Avoid white foods. Avoid sugar. Avoid white flour. Avoid white rice. Avoid white pasta. Avoid white bread. Avoid salt. Eat less sugars and starches.

The Detox Diet by Dr. Elson Haas
Eat lots of vegetables. Veggies are filling, delicious, and nutritious. Eat a rainbow of vegetables: green, red, yellow, purple, even white. Cauliflower is incredible!

If you’re carrying extra pounds, just focus on fresh veggies, and weight loss will be one of the primary wellness benefits. — Dr. Elson Haas, author of The Detox Diet

Eat fruit in moderation. The best fruits? Tangerines, plums, apricots, apples, raspberries, strawberries, frozen wild blueberries from Maine.

Cut your salad dressing by 20 to 50%. Drench your salads less! You’ll cut calories and actually enjoy your salads more.

Eat one less cookie, one less piece of candy, one less potato chip, one less corn chip, or one less nut when you are snacking.

Drink one coffee a day without sugar or milk, or with a little less of one or the other.

Eat more soup. Make soups with lots of vegetables and chicken. Fill up on the good stuff and you’ll eat less desserts. If you eat soup at the start of your lunch, you’ll eat 20% fewer calories during that meal. Soup fills you up with few calories (as long as it’s a water-based soup rather than a cream-based soup).

Spice up your food. Spices and herbs are excellent ways to add flavor to meals. Here are a few healthy spices: cinnamon, turmeric, curry powder, chili powder, cumin, basil, cilantro, parsley.

Eat pumpkin seeds. If you need to snack, if you are a stress eater, try pumpkin seeds. They are nutritious, require a lot of chewing, and have few calories.

Reduce alcohol intake. One less beer a week makes a big difference. One less glass of wine counts. Avoid mixed drinks. Avoid punches. Avoid any drink with an umbrella or swizzle stick.

Women who drink two to three alcoholic drinks are likely to eat as much as 30% more than those who are sober (Obesity journal).

Shop the outside walls of most grocery stores (but avoid the bakery!). That’s where the vegetables are. And the fruits. And the fishes. Buy few packaged and canned goods.

Buy frozen vegetables. When you need something quick to replace your normal fresh fruits and vegetables, cook with frozen veggies. With frozen veggies, a little cheese or leftover chicken, and a few seasonings, you can have a quick meal in just minutes — much faster than take-out. Much faster than delivery. Much faster than so-called fast food.

Cut back on sugar and salt. Salt makes your body retain water weight. Sugar simply adds way too many calories while also throwing your endocrine system and more out of whack.

Don’t just cut out white sugar. Be alert to all the other ways that sugar and sugar substitutes hide in your food: http://celebrityweightlosstips.com/robert-lustig-56-names-for-sugar

Read labels when you shop or eat out. That way you can avoid too many calories, too many sugars, too many carbs, too little fiber, and chemicals you can’t pronounce.

Never eat diet foods. Never. Diet soda is coke. Diet ice cream is crack. Diet meals are false promises. Eat real food. Fresh food.

Drink green tea. Replace sugar-loaded coffee or black tea with unsweetened green tea. Not only will you eat a lot less sugar over a day, but green tea is proven to boost fat metabolism and fat loss. Compounds in tea help women to burn an extra 250 calories a day.

Don’t avoid fats. Low-fat diets don’t work. Your brain and body need fat to survive. But do eat high-quality fats: organic olive oil, organic coconut oil, organic walnut oil. Embrace these fats. Enjoy them, as all foods, in moderation.

Fiber is good. Eat whole foods to get enough fiber, which helps keep your digestive system in good shape. Some people have called eating fiber The One-Rule Diet. High fiber foods include whole grains, beans, oatmeal, berries, chia seeds, lentils, split peas, whole fruits, raw veggies, and most other fresh produce.

Avoid juices. Eat whole oranges. Eat whole carrots. Eat whole apples. Eat whole pomegranates. Juicing fruits and vegetables cuts out all the good fiber and increases the sugars you consume.

Drink water first thing in the morning. Here are two effective ways to drink 16 oz. every morning. Both of these drinks will help your liver cleanse after a long night of detoxing.

16 oz. of water, 2 tbsp. of apple cider vinegar
16 oz. of water, the juice of half a lime

Avoid artificial sugar substitutes. In many cases they increase your hunger and also increase your desire for more sugar.

Sugar substitutes are just as evil as sugar itself. Do you really think your body knows how to handle something that was man-made? Seriously. These chemically-adjusted products do not occur in the wild; there are no Splenda trees in warmer climates, nor are there NutraSweet plants in the Arctic. — Chris Pirillo

Go MUFA rich. Diets rich in MUFAs (monounsaturated fatty acids like those found in almonds, olives, sunflower seeds, and avocados) help people decrease their accumulated abdominal fat when compared with those people eating a diet rich in carbs.

Women lost up to 33% of their belly fat within a month by eating MUFA-rich foods (12-week study by Dr. David Katz).

Eat yogurt. The probiotics, protein, and calcium in yogurt boost your fat burn as well as curb your appetite.

People who ate three servings of fat-free yogurt every day lost 81% more ab fat than non-yogurt eaters (University of Tennessee study).

Drink Golden Milk. Golden milk is an Ayurvedic drink made of coconut milk and turmeric. Studies have shown that a daily dose of the ingredients in golden milk can reduce your body fat by 43% in just twelve weeks. Drink your golden milk before going to sleep.

Recipe: Add one can of coconut milk, one cup of water, 3 tsp. of ground turmeric, and 1 tsp of cinnamon in a large glass jar and shake, shake, shake. Then heat up and drink one cup each night before bed.

Hailey Clausen on eating healthyDump high-calorie foods. Eliminating just one high-calorie food from your daily diet can reduce your calorie intake by as much as 250 calories. Dump donuts, chips, large lattes, pretzels, bread, pizza, rice, ice cream, candy, or sugar-laden treats. Combine your calorie dump with exercise and you could easily lose 35 to 50 pounds in just one year (Prevention magazine).

Eating healthy is my job but what girl doesn’t love a cheeseburger? You can’t deprive yourself of what you love. — Hailey Clauson, model

Take probiotics. Probiotics are food supplements you can eat that add to or aid the good bacteria in your gut. You can find probiotics in apple cider vinegar, yogurt, sauerkraut, kimchi, miso, and some other fermented foods. Dr. Mehmet Oz calls probiotics nature’s #1 get-slim supplement. Probiotics help your body digest food more effectively and may help you burn more calories.

Eat crunchy food. It turns out that people eat less when they eat noisy food (foods like apples, carrots, celery, etc.). The noise we make when eating crunchy food makes us more aware of how much we are eating. Noisy foods help people cut calorie intake by 43% (Food Quality and Preferences journal).

The crunch effect can help you lose up to a pound a week (Colorado State University study).

Sniff vanilla. The aroma of vanilla calms cravings. Dieters who sniff vanilla often lose as much as 300% more than people who don’t. In one study, dieters who sniffed vanilla when they had cravings lost 30 pounds more over six months.

Weight Loss Exercise Options

Discover some workout motivation. Most studies show that exercise has little impact on weight loss yet anecdotal evidence shows again and again that the more you move, the more you lose.

When I need to motivate myself to work out, I look at pictures of women like Jennifer Lopez and Kate Beckinsale. They look incredible! If they can look like that, I have no excuse. — Rita Ora

Beautiful women inspiration: https://www.pinterest.com/johnkremer/beautiful-and-interesting-women

Jack LaLanne quoteTake the stairs at work instead of the elevator, at least some of the time.

Exercise is King. Nutrition is Queen. Put them together and you’ve got a kingdom. — Jack LaLanne, fitness expert

Dance more. Do the watusi, polka, or rumba during commercial breaks while watching TV. Go out to dance at a club or party as often as you can. But don’t drink while you dance.

I love to dance and sweat—the cardio’s so good for you, and it’s just fun. — Drew Barrymore, actress

Watch TV shows that inspire you. If The Biggest Loser inspires you, tape it and watch it whenever you need a lift. If Celebrity Fit Club works for you, watch that. If basketball games inspired you, watch them.

Jump up and down when something excites you in anything you are watching.

Walk your dog more often. If you don’t have a dog, walk your cat. Or walk with a friend, a spouse, a lover, a child.

Exercise more. Do one more exercise activity every week. Walk more. Dance more. Jump rope more. Work the rebounder. Shoot some hoops. Run a block, just one block.

Our bodies are meant to move, and inactivity leads to weakness and stiffness. — Theodore Fields, director of the Rheumatology Faculty Practice Plan at New York City’s Hospital for Special Surgery

Do yoga. Yoga improves brain function, lowers stress levels, increases flexibility, lowers blood pressure, improves lung capacity, reduces chronic pain, relieves anxiety, lowers blood sugar levels, improves balance, makes for stronger bones, and helps people maintain a healthy weight.

Yoga is a huge, huge de-stresser for me. It also helps me align my body and my posture and keeps me connected to everything around me. — Christina Aguilera, singer and actress

Step 10,000 times a day. Work up to it. Get a pedometer or walking app that actually works. Then work your way up to 10,000 steps a day. You’ll be surprised how just this one goal can change how often you move every day.

Walk around the block at lunch time. For even more burned calories, skip or hop some of the time.

Find a walking partner. If you don’t have a dog, find a friend who will walk with you early in the morning, during your lunch break, after work, or whenever you can both fit a walk in.

Bike to work. Or to the grocery. Or to a friend’s house. Or to the park. Bike on the weekend for a longer excursion. Explore your neighborhood and countryside on your bike. Always bike with a friend when possible.

Riding a bike to work is linked to a lower body mass index (Plos One).

Do squats. Squat as you cook. Squat as you brush your teeth. Squat when you are waiting in a line. Don’t sit while waiting for an appointment. Squat. Up and down. Stretch in between squats.

Find an exercise you love. Do that. Find a second one you like. Do that as well.

Identify your exercise. No exercise was created equal. You might like running, so run. You might like jogging, so jog. You might like stationary bikes, so bike stationarily. Find the one that works best for you – that isn’t too much of a chore for you to do regularly throughout the week. — Chris Pirillo

Vary your exercise. If you get bored easily, vary your activity. Walk one day. Dance the next. Swim on the weekend. And definitely have sex as often as you can.

Work out with a trainer. Find a trainer or a training partner who can guide you in working out.

I love working out so much. It’s really run for me. I get an endorphin rush and feel good about myself. Plus my trainer is like my fit therapist! We talk about life, and before I know it, my sets are done. — Sarah Hyland, actress

Don’t overdo it. If you exercise too much in the beginning, you’ll quit. It gets too hard. So, again, start slowly. Work your way into any new exercise routine. Don’t push too hard.

Laugh more. Laugh at work. Laugh at play. Laugh before you go to sleep. Laughing helps you get your blood moving, exercises your diaphragm, and burns calories. According to researchers at Loma Linda University, they found that our bodies respond to laughter the same way as they do to a short bout of moderate exercise.

The best thing I do for my health is laughing a lot. I try to do it as much as I can and as often as I can. It balances everything out and releases great hormones. — Mariska Hargitay, actress

8 Things Laughter Can Do for You: http://infographicaday.com/8-things-laughter-can-do-for-you

Log your workouts. Keep a log of the workouts you’ve done in the past so you can learn what worked and what didn’t. Do more of what worked.

Meditate. Here are a few benefits of meditating: lowers blood pressure, restores the digestive system, relieves muscle tension, diminishes headache intensity, relieves insomnia, reduces anxiety, lessens depression, and improves optimism and confidence. All of these benefits help your weight-loss efforts.

Go barefoot. Going barefoot is a natural anti-inflammatory and blood thinner.

From helping with weight loss to connecting us to our genius, the benefits are many. — Carmen D Cisneros, author, Ageless Aging: 10 Practical Steps to Feel Great, Lose Weight, and Look 10 Years Younger

Stand for one minute. When you are sitting for a long time, you can still slim down simply by standing for at least one minute every hour. Women who follow this advice have waists that are 1.6 inches smaller than women who don’t (European Heart Journal).

Jump rope. The exercise you choose can have an impact in how hungry you become. People who jumped rope for 30 minutes were less hungry for fatty foods than those who spent 30 minutes cycling (Appetite journal). Any exercise, researchers theorize, that bounces the belly lowers the production of the hunger hormone ghrelin.

Weight Loss Resources

Some of the above tips were adapted from or inspired by these great sources:

Valerie Bertinelli: 10 Healthy Food Rules — http://celebrityweightlosstips.com/valerie-bertinelli-10-healthy-food-rules

Cameron Conaway: On Getting Fit — http://infographicaday.com/cameron-conaway-on-getting-fit

Raymond Francis: Never Be Fat Again — http://infographicaday.com/raymond-francis-never-be-fat-again

Bob Harper: The Skinny Rules — http://celebrityweightlosstips.com/the-skinny-rules-by-bob-harper

Marla Heller: The DASH Diet Weight Loss Solution Rules — http://infographicaday.com/the-dash-diet-weight-loss-solution-rules

Rita Oro: On Her Workout and Eating Plan — http://www.shape.com/celebrities/videos/how-rita-ora-completely-revamped-her-workout-and-eating-plan

Chris Pirillo: 50 Weight Loss Tips — http://chris.pirillo.com/2006/06/05/50-weight-loss-tips

Zen Habits: 80 Awesome Weight Loss Tips — https://zenhabits.net/80-awesome-weight-loss-tips

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