Robert Lustig: 136 Names for Sugar

If you want to lose weight and be healthier, the most important thing to avoid is sugar in all its forms. Avoid white sugar. Avoid honey. Avoid corn syrup. Avoid agave nectar. Avoid sugar-laden sodas. Avoid sugar-laden smoothies.

Beware: You might be eating a whole lot more sugar than you thought you were. Here are 136 so-called foods that are really sugar (or an artificial substitute) in just another form. Note: Artificial sweeteners are as bad for you as sugar itself (for different reasons).

Only a few of these might be okay to use: xylitol, stevia, monk fruit extract, or erythritol.

This list was originally presented by Dr. Robert Lustig at the 2014 James Beard Foundation Food Conference. It is presented in this form by Women’s Health magazine. It has since been added to by me to include new sugar substitutes, artificial sweeteners, and brand name sweeteners.

125 Names for Sugar: If you want to lose weight and be healthier, the most important thing to avoid is sugar in all its forms. Avoid white sugar. Avoid honey. Avoid corn syrup. Avoid agave nectar. Avoid sugar-laden sodas. Avoid sugar-laden smoothies.

ace-K (artificial)
acesulfame potassium (artificial)
advantame (artificial)
agave nectar
Alitame (artificial)
allulose (sugar alternative, use moderately)
artificial sweetener
aspartame (artificial)
aspartame-acesulfame salt (artificial)
Barbados sugar
barley malt extract
beet sugar
blackstrap molasses
brown rice syrup
brown sugar
buttered syrup
cane juice crystals
cane sugar
carob syrup
castor sugar
chicory root syrup
coconut sugar
confectioner’s sugar
corn fructose
corn sugar
corn sweetener
corn syrup
corn syrup solids
crystalline fructose
Cyclamate (artificial)
date sugar
dehydrated cane juice
demerara sugar
diastatic malt
dried fruit purée
Equal (brand name artificial sweetener, aspartame)
erythritol (sugar alternative, use moderately)
ethyl maltol
evaporated cane juice
evaporated palm sugar
Florida crystals
fruit juice
fruit juice concentrate
glucose solids
golden sugar
golden syrup
grape sugar
grape sweetener
herbel sweetener
high-fructose corn syrup
hydrogenated starch
icing sugar
invert sugar
Isomalt (artificial)
light treacle
luo han guo extract (sugar alternative, use moderately)
luo han sweetener (sugar alternative, use moderately)
Lyle’s Golden Syrup
maguey sap (sugar alternative, use moderately)
malt syrup
maltitol (sugar alternative, use moderately)
maple sugar
maple syrup
monk fruit extract (sugar alternative, use moderately)
muscovado sugar
Necta Sweet (brand name artificial sweetener)
Nectresse (brand name for monk fruit extract)
Neohesperidin dihydrochalcone (artificial)
Neotame (brand name artificial sweetener)
nonnutritive sweetener (artificial sweetener)
NutraSweet (brand name artificial sweetener, aspartame)
organic raw sugar
palm sugar
powdered sugar
PureFruit (brand name for monk fruit extract)
PureLo (brand name for monk fruit extract)
PureVia (brand name for stevia)
raw sugar
refiner’s syrup
rice amasake
rice syrup
saccharin (artificial)
sorghum syrup
Splenda (brand name artificial sweetener, sucralose)
stevia (sugar alternative, use moderately)
Stevia in the Raw (brand name for stevia)
steviol glycoside
sucralose (artificial)
sugar alcohols
Sugar Twin (brand name artificial sweetener)
Sun Crystals (brand name for stevia)
Sunett (brand name artificial sweetener, acesulfame K)
Sweet Drops (brand name for stevia)
Sweet Leaf (brand name for stevia)
Sweet ‘N Low (brand name artificial sweetener, saccharin)
Sweet One (brand name artificial sweetener, acesulfame K)
Sweet Twin (brand name artificial sweetener)
Swerve (brand name for erythritol mixture)
swingle fruit extract
Truvia (brand name for stevia)
turbinado sugar
xylitol (sugar alternative, use moderately)
yacon powder
yacon syrup
yellow sugar

Note: Many artificial sweeteners turn healthy bacteria in the digestive system toxic. Concentrations as small as one mg/ml alter gut bacteria in a negative way.

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