Your Personality Makes You Beautiful

Your body makes you sexy. Your smile makes you pretty. But it is your personality that makes you beautiful.

Your personality makes you beautiful.

How to Be Hollywood Beautiful Without the Hollywood Price (Volume 1)
"How to be Beautiful without the Hollywood Price" is an easy to follow and very informative guide to health and beauty. The author has outlined key steps to staying beautiful and young looking. It truly starts from the inside out and this book is a must for anyone of any age! ~ Jennifer Braff, Esthetician and Beauty Expert, Author, TV Personality In this wonderful book, Makayla says, until you feel beautiful on the inside, you will never be pretty enough on the outside, period! As a Los Angeles matchmaker, I see my share of women desperately trying to stop the clock with Botox, fillers, surgery, lip plumping, breast lifts, face lifts, brow lifts, eye lifts, etc. We all want to look pretty and we all want to be loved. What really needs lifting is our Spirit, our self- love, which equals self-esteem. When we love and care for ourselves we radiate beauty and light! ~ Marla Martenson, Author of Diary of a Beverly Hills Matchmaker “With over twenty five years in the beauty business people often ask me what my skin care secrets of looking twenty years younger than my age are. Many of the beauty steps Makayla outlines in her book are what I have been following in my life and have achieved results on both myself and my clients. As an added bonus she has included her expertise from a mind/ body perspective and how it can contribute to maturing gracefully.” ~ Sabastian Reich, Celebrity Esthetician, Owner of Sabastian Skin Care In a world hyper-obsessed with beauty and eternal youth people will spend obscene amounts of money to achieve that at any cost. However, what if you could attain youthful skin even as you mature into your advanced years without expensive surgeries, scalpels, liposuction or botox? Author Makayla Léone, a professional model since the age of 15, shares her behind the scenes tricks, tips and insights that have allowed her to maintain a youthful appearance years younger than she actually is. For the first time ever, she reveals a simple common-sense approach to fitness and beauty that anyone can follow without having to spend a small fortune. Included are her exact beauty regimes she follows every day, helpful face maps and even easy-to-make home recipes for some of her favorite beauty products. Scroll above and click "Buy Now" to get your copy of "How to be Beautiful without the Hollywood Price" today. Your skin will thank you and your closest friends will beg you to reveal your secret to remaining so young!
Lowest price: $17.95
All Women Are Beautiful: A Guide to Perfect 10 Beauty
All Women Are Beautiful is the most comprehensive beauty book ever written on how to improve female attractiveness, with over 1,000 scientific studies referenced.

No woman should ever feel inferior because of the way she looks; every single woman is beautiful. A plain woman is like a diamond in the rough that just needs polishing, and with cosmetic surgery, makeup, styling, and training, any woman can be a perfect 10.

False statements:
1. You can't make a plain person attractive
2. You can't change bone structure
3. You can't take more than 10 years off a face

"I broke all three rules and set a new world record." - Cindy Jackson

The book explains how every woman can improve her outer beauty and inner beauty. Although some individuals deem certain women to be unappealing and unapproachable, the book confirms that there are no ugly women; there are only women who do not know how to look pretty.


The many advantages of being beautiful and why beauty matters.

Chapter 1: Perfect 10 Face
Increase the attractiveness of your face with cosmetic procedures, makeup, and other techniques.

Chapter 2: Perfect 10 Skin
Achieve perfect, flawless, and youthful skin with scientifically proven skin care products, supplements, and other techniques.

Chapter 3: Perfect 10 Hair
How to get the right color and style, grow your hair faster, and make your hair shiny, and thick.

Chapter 4: Perfect 10 Body
Achieve a perfect WHR and BMI. How to get a 24 inch waist or smaller, how to naturally increase the projection of your buttocks, how to get thin.

Chapter 5: Perfect 10 Breasts
How to increase the size and firmness of your breasts naturally without surgery.

Chapter 6: Perfect 10 Health How to achieve perfect health, disease resistance, high energy, and a strong immune system with scientifically proven methods.

Chapter 7: Perfect 10 Style
How to select stylish clothing, accessories, and scent.

Chapter 8: Perfect 10 Elegance
Achieve elegance by learning proper movement, voice, speech, manners, class, and sophistication.

Chapter 9: Perfect 10 Personality
How to improve your charm, confidence, sassiness, positivity, and intelligence.

Chapter 10: Perfect 10 Character
How to improve your inner beauty.
Lowest price: $24.60
The Easy Diet: Eat Whatever You Want and Lose Weight Permanently


A thoroughly researched book that contains over 700 scientific references*

The Easy Diet is a highly effective and easy way to get thin and stay thin forever (no more yo-yo weight battles). You don’t have to starve yourself or eat unappetizing foods because in the long-term deprivation and calorie restriction does not work. One of the joys of life is eating and you have the right to enjoy the pleasure of eating tasty foods and desserts. You can eat dessert and your favorite foods and actually lose more weight than people who don’t indulge.

The Easy Diet is not another weight loss program but a scientifically-proven, extremely comprehensive, easy lifestyle plan for achieving permanent weight loss. In addition, this lifestyle plan will help you to improve your health, energy, and well-being dramatically.

Many individuals who continue to struggle with achieving their weight-loss and health goals have tried everything and heard it all. New scientific research has discovered that a disrupted circadian rhythm is the major cause of weight gain. Therefore, if you correct the major cause of weight gain, you will permanently solve the problem and put an end to all dieting.

The recent groundbreaking research found in this book explains why the French eat rich, fatty foods like bread, butter, dessert, and pâté, but stay thin. The weight loss secrets in this book—that allow you to eat pretty much anything you want—will surprise and amaze you.


"I went from 363 pounds to 197 pounds. I ate whatever I wanted."

“I have lost 18 pounds in four weeks...I am proof that it works!"

“This has been the most successful diet I’ve ever tried. I have lost 41 pounds."

"I’ve lost 10 pounds in 17 days. It really hasn’t been that hard...I eat anything I want."

"I have been on every single diet out there and this is the only one that’s worked for me."

"I’ve lost 85 pounds in six months without starving myself and I have been eating a delicious, fulfilling meal every day."

"I have lost 46 pounds in four months...I was very overweight and I can honestly say this diet has saved my life.”

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