Feel Better by Avoiding Lectins

You can lose more weight, feel better, and get healthier simply by avoiding lectins in your diet. Check out this tip-o-graphic on lectins and also check out the list of foods to avoid (high-lectin foods) and foods to eat more (low-lectin foods) by clicking on this link from Dr. Steven Gundry, the main medical practitioner alerting people to the dangers of lectins: https://gundrymd.com/wp-content/pdf/Plant-Paradox-Shopping-LIst.pdf.

Lectin Infographic: What foods are high in lectins. Avoid these foods if you want to be healthier and lose more weight.

Source of this lectin tip-o-graphic: Authority Diet.

If you often eat a lot of lectin-containing food and you’re lacking in the enzymes to digest lectins, these proteins may enter the bloodstream. They may cause nutritional deficiencies and digestive problems. They can also damage the walls of the intestines. Some believe that lectins are partially responsible for creating a leaky gut that leads to autoimmune disease.

Avoid foods high in lectin if you want to be healthier and lose more weight.

Here are three ways to reduce or neutralize lectins in your food:

1. Boil them to inactive the lectins. Note: Dry heat won’t inactivate lectins.

2. Sprout seeds. The longer your sprout, the more lectins are deactivated. Note: Sprouting does not work with lentils or alfalfa.

3. Ferment foods. Beneficial bacteria eat the lectins thus reducing the lectin activity in foods that you can ferment.

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