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Weight Loss Tips Q&A: What Is the Best Weight Loss Tip?

The best weight loss tip is this classic bit of advice: Eat Less. Move More.

While the advice is clear and simple, the application isn’t always simple. For example, it doesn’t work to eat less of the foods that are good for you so you can keep eating the same amount of foods that are bad for you (white sugar, white flour, MSG, etc.).

Here are some key ways you can eat less:

Cut your salad dressing by 20 to 50%. Drench your salads less!

Drink one coffee without sugar or milk, or with a little less of one or the other.

Drink more water, plain or simply flavored (without sweeteners).

Eat one less cookie, piece of candy, chip, or nut when you are snacking.

Snack less.

Eat more soup (with lots of vegies).

Just eat a little less every day and you’ll easily eat less every week.

And here are some key ways you can move more:

Take the stairs at work instead of the elevator, at least some of the time.

Walk around the block at lunch time.

Skip instead of just walking.

Do the watusi or rumba during commercial breaks while watching TV.

Enjoy sex more often.

Walk your dog more often. If you don’t have a dog, walk your cat.

Just move a little more every day and you’ll move a little more every week.

Eat Less. Move More.

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