Victoria Erickson: Your Body Already Knows the Answer

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Victoria Erickson on becoming your best

Coincidence doesn’t exist
and goosebumps never lie.

Your body already knows
the answer.

All you have to do is turn
down your spinning mind,
and continue
to follow all signs.

Because you are always
worthy of becoming
your best and most
actualized self.

Victoria Erickson

EDGE OF WONDER: Notes From The Wildness Of Being
In this remarkably beautiful collection of poems and musings, Victoria Erickson calls us to the core of our own aliveness with an ongoing invitation to inhabit a life fiercely lived. Artfully weaving words like a vivid tapestry, she gently reaches into the soul and invites us to swim in an ocean of hope, continuously choosing love and everyday magic over fear and resistance.
Equal parts old soul and starry eyed child, Erickson encourages us to find the depth and meaning within our lives, reminding us to stay true to our own paths, while embracing both the pain and the beauty inside the core of reality.
Hold this book close as a timeless reminder that wonder is everywhere.  Your daily cup of universe.
Lowest price: $16.20
Surviving Terror: Hope and Justice in a World of Violence
Theologians from around the world explore the causes and effects of violent terror, and suggest religious resources for preventing and overcoming terror.
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Where Silence Speaks: Feminism, Social Theory, and Religion
Feminism, Social Theory, and Religion
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